The Tweezers with PIN - POINT - PRECISION

Unsolicited Testimonials to Uncle Bill's Sliver Gripper.

“...Your tweezers are an indispensable part of my tool box. I have given several away as gifts and have heard nothing but praise...”

Sacramento, California

“...Recently a friend had the nicest little tweezers I ever saw or used. She carries them with her all the time. I was greatly impressed by them...”

Ellington, Connecticut

“...I have one of your ‘Sliver Grippers’ and find it the ideal for sewing and all needle work...”

Annandale, Virginia

“...We have been using your sliver grippers and so far have not found a sliver we couldn’t take care of with one try. They are great! Believe me, we get a lot of slivers around here...”

Pendelton, Oregon

“...A couple of years ago I purchased one of your wonderful tweezers with pin point precision...the most used tool in our house!!! I’ve been searching and searching for more. I need one for my backpack, one for a cabin we’re building in the mountains, one for my desk, one for the glove box in the car and one for each of my grown children!!”

Palo Alto, California

“...While loading some lumber recently, I picked up a sliver and the yard man took me into the office where I easily removed it with your little tweezers. These are the best tweezers I have ever seen and would like to have three...”

Pinetop, Arizona

“...l’m very interested in owning a pair of your highly ingenious tweezers. I’m a carpenter who acquires many a splinter and I have found that your tweezers do the job!”

Berkeley, California

“...they are perfect for removing frisket material from art work and transparency...”

Edmonds, Washington

“...Your tweezers helped minimize the trauma in removing a deep splinter lodged under the fingernail of my squeamish daughter. It saved us a trip to the emergency room --my brother-in-law was the hero of the day. He doesn’t leave home without his tweezers. Now neither will we!!...”

Bedford, New Hampshire

“...A friend showed me her pair of ‘Sliver Grippers’ and I was amazed. Those are just what I need to remove slivers. I hope to own some of your tweezers. They work like charms. I like the nice little tote and screw-on cap...”

Minneapolis, Minnesota

“...I want to present your tweezers to families with small children. I remember struggling with slivers in the fingers of my son many years ago --WHERE WERE YOU THEN? I await receiving these little goodies...”

Ellington, Connecticut

“...Best thing ever for needlework...”

Austin, Texas

“...Your tweezers are the best. I’ve been a carpenter for years and splinters have become a way of life...”

Plainfield, Vermont

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